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Matt Malouf is a part-time Investor and Author with a professional degree in Engineering- USC. His niche is Traffic Management, Creative Real Estate Investing, and Writing. Father of five beautiful children aged from 2-26 year olds and a spouse, Matt Malouf is a keen to learning individual, who is tremendously passionate about traffic management and technical competency and creator of the TERM (r) Analysis Methodology.

Professionally, Matt Malouf has worked as an engineer for over a period of two decades. However, Matt Malouf’s zeal for problem-solving led him to explore the real estate industry in 2003. Today, he is an expert, self-taught real estate investor as well.

Matt Malouf has always been fond of writing. Over a course of some time, he gained the strength and courage to finally pursue another one of his dreams which led him to writing various books to share some personal experiences with his readers. Matt aims to enlighten the path his readers walk on to learn lessons from his mistakes.

Matt Malouf is a creative individual who thinks innovatively, disruptively and believes in enjoying life in a natural order. He believes that there is always room for errors, just like there is space to learn and thus, any practice that he believes can be improved, should be improved. Matt Malouf has introduced problem-solving techniques to help people achieve their life goals and walk in the wake of success. He is a motivated individual who yearns to expand the horizons of his knowledge.


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