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Coming from a single parent household in an Ohio steel town, I always wondered what more was out there to experience. After dutifully following the study hard game plan, eventually with a Villanova degree and a lucrative job as an executive in training with overseas postings, everything seemed to be falling perfectly into place. But I couldn't get that gnawing clank of the closing steel mills out of my head, and the farce of 'security and a pension' from a job, even a 'good' job. So I did what any good hippy would do, quit and travel the world as an adventure tour guide for three years! Why wouldn't you? But the pendulum eventually swung back. I completed my MBA in Finance from THE Ohio State University, fluent in Mandarin, French, and Spanish, complete with an internship in Kazakhstan, perfectly poised for a great 'job'..... But again, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't punch it for 'The Man'! But what I CAN do is connect. Connecting worlds, steel town blue collar workers to Villanova elitists, Moguls from the finance world to foreigners trying to enter the US market but can't speak English. After living in 10 different countries, and owning three businesses over the past 20 years, I have found that connecting these diverse groups, being the entry point to new ideas and opportunities for those looking for it, is where I can most help. That is what I am fortunate enough to do now through Buckeye Realty. We connect foreign buyers to projects, non-accredited investors to investor grade opportunities, and help each operate on the level of the most sophisticated American investors. Let us know what we can do to help you.


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