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I’ve been a student of/investor in Real Estate for 20+ years.  I caught the bug from my father (who always had a project House we were working on) and over the past few years we have acquired multiple long term residential properties in the Fort Worth, TX area.  We decided to transition into short term rentals about 1 year ago when we started renovations on what will soon be our 1st property in the vacation rental space. I recently began my research on this market when I found Heather Bayer’s Podcast “Vacation Rental Success”, which I have been devouring as much of her content as I can.  Which has lead me to Vrolio, I look forward to learning as much as I can from all the great mentors here and hope to soon be able to share my successes and pass on what I have learned to future investors/owners/managers in this amazing market.  I’m pretty sure I’ve caught the bug!


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